Pass Christian

Cruisin’ the Coast

For almost 10 years, Pass Christian Main Street has been organizing activities for Cruisin’ the Coast visitors to the Pass which complement those provided by the Cruisin’  management. We work to create a fun, welcoming environment in our small community. This year, the Pass will welcome cruisers Thursday-Saturday, October 5-7. The entire schedule will follow later, but visitors can expect us to once again host the very popular  Burn ’em up in the Pass burn-out event that Thursday!
The daytime bands are provided by Cruisin’ the Coast while the evening events are organized by Pass Christian Main Street and the city of Pass Christian. All bands will play in the Pavilion on the corner of Davis Avenue and Second Street.
We hope visitors will shop in our retail stores as well as eat and drink in our cafes and restaurants. In addition to our local providers, food vendors will be located on Davis Avenue.

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