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Stars Over The Pass

Pass Christian Main Street, in collaboration with the city’s Beautification Department, is excited to announce our initiative to update and enhance the holiday decorations in our community. We are reaching out to the residents of Pass Christian to seek your support and participation in making this project a success.

By refurbishing the stars, we can breathe new life into these beloved decorations. The process will involve rust treatment, painting, wiring improvements, and the replacement of bulbs. We have 40 small stars and 16 large stars that can be restored to their former glory.

In addition to the refurbishment option, we also offer the opportunity to purchase new stars that come equipped with LED bulbs and improved durability. These stars will not only enhance the visual appeal of our community but also contribute to energy conservation efforts.

For those seeking something truly unique, we have special designs available as well. These include a magnificent 6′ x 7′ Pelican design priced at $1500 each, a captivating 5′ x 8′ Sailboat design priced at $1600 each, and an adorable 5′ x 5′ Turtle design priced at $1700 each.

Here are the options we hope you will consider:

Lighted Stars

Refurbishment of existing stars:

  • Small stars: $250 each (40 available)
  • Large stars: $400 each (16 available)

Purchase of new stars with LED bulbs and improved durability:

  • 4′ majestic star: $500
  • 8′ falling star: $700

Special designs:

  • Pelican (6′ x 7′): $1500 each
  • Sailboat (5′ x 8′): $1600 each
  • Turtle (5′ x 5′): $1700 each

Lighted Stars Sponsor Form

Order Online

Your support and sponsorship are crucial to the success of this project. We kindly request that you consider one of these options and send your tax-deductible sponsorship check to Pass Christian Main Street at P.O. Box 403, Pass Christian, MS 39571.


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