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Pass Christian Main Street

“The Pass” is known throughout the region as a place of legends and lore, resiliency and history, a place where we live in relaxed splendor on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Our history is constantly redefined as we reveal the echoes of our storied past: from our historic homes to magnificent oaks from boating to beaches.  Our past is the story of resilience: from devastating storms to heroic recovery, we never allow hard times to dampen our spirits or our commitment to prosperity for future generations.

The Pass defines an unique way of life: relaxed and resolute, casual and carefree.  The Pass is as much an attitude as it is a place.  While there are many ways to do anything, there is a Pass way of doing things: a way that is laid back, friendly, and where a handshake is a promise.

The Pass is focused on the future.  We boast the best schools in the State, the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast, the freshest gulf seafood and boating in a stunning harbor, and a warm and welcome place that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere.

We are “The Pass,” and we redefine what it means to be coastal, to be casual, to be real, to be welcoming.

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Pass Christian Main Street

200 West Scenic Drive
P.O. Box 403
Pass Christian, MS 39571


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